About Delivery

About Delivery

Touge no Kamameshi and other special dishes!


Office Hours

11:00 - 20:45

Minimum Order Requirements

800 yen or more including tax

shipping charges

420 yen (same shipping cost even on rainy days)

Frequently Asked Questions

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no service charge

Orders over 1500 yen (tax and shipping not included), shipping is 360 yen!

Representative Menu

Touge no Kamameshi(Pulp mold container)


Soboro-Meshi with Jyoshu Beef (container for to-go)

Japanese Chicken Oyako-don (container for to-go)

Roast beef bowl with Jyoshu beef ichibo (container for to-go)

a la carte

Touge no Kamameshi Atama (container for to-go)

Roast beef of Jyoshu beef (100g)

Assorted pickles (container for to-go)


pickled Cucumber

apple candies

pickled small eggplant

pickled burdock root


■Delivery is made by a delivery agent.
Please note that the delivery agent may contact you regarding the delivery. Please understand that the delivery agent may contact you regarding the delivery.

Products may be sold out at the time of order.
■Some of the contents in the photo may be subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients.
Delivery may be delayed due to weather, traffic, or other unavoidable circumstances.
Rice dishes and a la carte dishes are served in take-out containers only. Please note that these are not ceramic containers.

For those who want factory direct delivery (pre-order)

We also offer factory-direct delivery (pre-order) for groups such as conferences and events with advance reservations.

*Bulk orders and invoices are available.

荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho Store Details

OGINOYA GEN is located next to the Yurakucho International Forum entrance, under the railroad arches. OGINOYA GEN is a new attempt of OGINOYA, a storefront and a place to disseminate information. You can enjoy OGINOYA's a la carte dishes along with local sake from Gunma and Nagano.

address (e.g. of house)


2-9-8 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
JR East Japan Yurakucho Station, under the elevated railway tracks
Ecute Edition Yurakucho

TEL : 03-6810-0211
fax : 03-6810-0210

regular closing day

open every day of the year

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