Thoughts behind "GEN"

The name "GEN" comes from the elevated, brick arched (bowed) lower portion.
It means "vine," and the new OGINOYA initiative.
It is also meant to extend in multiple directions.

The theme of this project is to connect Gunma/Nagano and Tokyo, as there are fewer opportunities to visit the Gunma/Nagano region due to the COVID-19.
For lunch, We will offer traditional boxed lunches and new and unique to Yurakucho for those working in the Marunouchi area.
In the evening, the restaurant will be a standing drinking establishment featuring dishes using ingredients from Gunma and Nagano prefectures and local sake.
The restaurant is designed to be a place where people can relax after work or have a light aperitif before a dinner.

 store interior 


The photo is for illustrative purposes only.