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荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho/Kanda】On 9/22 (Fri.), "Autumn" limited edition sake will be on sale.

From Friday, September 22, 2023, "Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Daiginjo" and "Yujin Late Summer Early Autumn Junmai Ginjo" will be available exclusively at 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho and 荻野屋 弦 Kanda. Enjoy long autumn nights with a glass of 荻野屋's carefully selected limited edition sake 🍂 Autumn nights are long and cool, perfect for sipping sake slowly 🍁 Enjoy this special sake that you can only savor during this season!

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Ended】Gift campaign to celebrate the launch of Ginza's 釜めし "Autumn

Ginza's 釜めし "Autumn" will be available exclusively at 荻野屋 GINZASIX from September 16, 2023 (Saturday). To commemorate the start of sales, customers who purchase "Ginza's 釜めし 'Autumn'" will receive a free piece of soy milk green tea dorayaki.

*Only the first present will be given away as soon as all the dorayaki are gone.
*One soy milk green tea dorayaki per 1 TP10T in Ginza will be presented.

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荻野屋GINZA SIX] 釜めし "Autumn" Sales in Ginza

Starting Saturday, September 16, 2023, Ginza's 釜めし "Autumn" will be available for a limited time. Rice is cooked with mushrooms and truffles. The main dish features our signature roast beef made from ichibo, a rare part of beef, and is decorated with seasonal vegetables, with an egg yolk marinated in a special sukiyaki-flavored sauce in the center. This autumn-only 釜めし is based on the theme of "autumn of harvest.

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荻野屋 GINZASIX] "峠の釜めし Tai-THAI" on sale for a limited time only

Notify me of updates to 峠の釜めし Tai-THAI- Summer Limited Edition
Tom Yam Kung flavored rice base with spicy chili chicken and
Bamboo shoots flavored with coconut milk, topped with special garlic shrimp
釜めし is perfect for summer, expressing the perfect balance of spiciness and acidity.
We also recommend squeezing a lime over the top for an even more authentic taste.
The accompanying savory dishes are also lemon-infused, giving them an Asian flavor.

Detailed information
Product name : 峠の釜めし Tai
Retail price: 1,900 yen (tax included)
Sales period: ~Mid-August (tentative)
Sales are scheduled to begin around 14:00
*Sold in limited quantities. The end date of sales may be earlier or later depending on the availability of ingredients.

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荻野屋 弦] Summer Sake Started [Part 2

Thank you for visiting 荻野屋. 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho 荻野屋 弦 Kanda has collected delicious summer sake from Gunma Prefecture! The second edition! At 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho 荻野屋 弦 Kanda
The "Daiubai Summer Punch" is about to begin.
The fruity aroma and the punchy taste of the rice's delicious sweetness make it the perfect drink for hot summer days.
Please enjoy the sake that you can only taste now!

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荻野屋 弦] Summer Sake Started [Part 1

Thank you for visiting 荻野屋. At 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho 荻野屋 弦 Kanda, we have collected delicious "Summer Sake" from Gunma!

Fruity and refined sweetness "Oke 67 Gou
Pleasant aroma and sweet aftertaste "Oze no Yukidoke" and "Natsu Gin
Refreshing and refreshing! Yubito" and "Summer Arabashiri". Please taste the sake that you can only savor now.

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